Dark Sky Rainbow, Tiny Onsies and Lights in the Distance

20140505-161036.jpg I rode back into town last night looking for the lights we use as a marker. There are these microwave towers marked with red lights and they're our point in the distance when we're on the road. One time Mike told me it's how he knows he's close to home so I made it my marker too.

This might sound like a weird or obvious thing to say, but I always marvel at how much space you can cover when you're on a road trip. I was headed home yesterday afternoon, and 6.5 hours later I was looking for those familiar lights. And I always find a road trip is good for perspective in so many ways since you can just zone out and think. It also made me want to reconsider what we're doing for a honeymoon. I was thinking it sounded appealing to fly somewhere foreign, but I love the idea of driving somewhere foreign so much more. It seems more like an "us" trip.

My best friend is having a baby! So yesterday, despite the fact that we live so far apart, I got to touch her belly and feel that amazing little flip-flop movement that makes your heart just skip a beat.There's nothing better than a visit in person. Technology is amazing for keeping in touch but really I find the best way to reconnect is to cover the distance because man-oh-life there's nothing like actual touch and in person conversations with someone who knows you; it has a way of making me feel whole again.

And then so quickly I was pointed back in the direction of home, which is always welcomed but the fact that home is at the end of the road, makes me want to hurry up and get there - I had to make sure I kept my lead foot in my shoe.

At one point when the sun was setting behind me, it made the sky in front of me really dark. And that guy who was high and kept going on about rainbows, I can't help but feel he wrecked it for the rest of us; because how am I ever supposed to top that description? But a rainbow in a dark sky on an open road? I'd say it comes close to perfection as far as moments go.

What are some places you would just love to travel - Whether by air or ground? Now accepting honeymoon suggestions because it's booking season!