December Storm

ottawa-in-winterProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetparliament-at-christmasdate-night-in-a-snow-stormThis post is both figurative and literal. I felt the need to explain that from the get-go because I'm like, 0 for 3 on jokes with Mike today. (Bless him he's even tried to give me the laugh, but I know... I know that vacant stare when something's just not. sinking. in.) What a way for 2013 to end. And a way for winter to start. Literally it's the first day of winter and we're being whipped with unrelenting winter weather. The ploughs haven't made it down our road yet and my sister who lives in Toronto apparently might be without power until Christmas day. On Friday night it took us about an hour to do the 20-minute drive home from downtown because the roads were so bad. And this morning I woke up at 5 am, and ice was pelting my window. So basically it's been storming for about three days straight.

snow pilefireplace-and-christmastreeCliff-the-Dog

Also December, you go by too fast - with your social engagements, and demands to cram errands into every free minute. And pot-lucks that I'm forced to show up to with my meagre-half-assed contribution (the one I just try to sneak on the table when no-one is looking). And I didn't get my Christmas cards done. And I'm still sick (chronic sinusitis anyone?). And it's December and I just want to bask in the glow of the Christmas season but everything is too hurried to be able to sit back and take it all in.

In the end, it's a busy month - but so what? I couldn't ever complain that we have people to shop for, or meals to plan, or events to go to. I'm grateful for all of these things.

Not unlike so many moments of 2013. And without making this a recap post (because I'm not mentally prepared to even try to start something like revisiting this year right now) I think it's safe to say that SO many moments in 2013 were painfully slow. Like I thought it was never going to end. And here were are and it's ending and I'm feeling frantic. December to me always seems like this microcosm example of the entire year; you think you'll get so much done, and have so many beautiful experiences and then you look back on it and it's all jumbled together, and if you're not careful when you're recalling it, all that will stick out in your memory is The Storm.