Finding Your Voice

do-small-things Today I’m guest blogging over at The Life Of Bon. She gave me free reign (Foolish Bonnie!)

If you haven't yet ventured to Bonnie's Blog, you probably should just stop what you're doing and go there now. Her blog is one of the ones that will inspire you to want to keep working at your own. She's one lady who's definitely found her voice.

I decided to write about why I blog. (**Spoiler alert**) Because honestly, sometimes I'm not sure exactly what's driving me. There are days when I think ... "This is so strange... why do I care to lay this all out on the internet?" and then there are other days (most of the time... that's why I"m still here) when I get it completely; Blogging can enrich your life. It truly can. I'm pretty sure blogging helped me find my voice.

Over the past few weeks it's something I've been thinking about a lot. I was feeling discouraged after I left school and went back to work, and then I remembered that in the beginning, I just loved writing about life and telling stories, and blogging gave me an outlet for that. It's pretty simple, do what you love right?

All that and more on Life of Bon today! (In addition to pictures of me and Cliff... because why not?)


If you're here from Life of Bon, thanks for coming!

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