Gone Country for a Weddin'

IT"S HERE. my best friend's wedding weekend has arrived! I just finished writing my speech which I realized I've been putting off because I didn't want to make myself cry! (Sad but true). In reality though, it's a speech I started writing way back when we were just little gaphers.

The wedding is taking place in the country on the bride's parents golf course near our hometown. It's going to be superb and lovely and all things a wedding should be but mostly I'm just so happy my best friend has found someone who makes her feel happy and safe and secure and loved. Small tear. small tear.

Growing up is hard, man! First you move away, then you meet new people and everything starts changing. Sometimes I just wish we could have stayed kids forever - carefree, driving around in our parent's mini vans, pumping music. But obviously things can't always stay the same, and yea I get it, I'm happy that things haven't always stayed the same because growing up brings on a whole plethora of good things too. It's just.. you know, it seems like yesterday we were braiding each other's hair and borrowing each other's clothes for the school dance. Time flies by so quickly!!

So country wedding, here we come! Please let there be a weekend of clear skies ahead :)

And since it's Thursday, a little throw back to me and my girl on the golf course one fall after her dog had puppies - it seems like yesterday but in fact my lovely bangs would indicate it's NOT (and thank-goodness for THAT!)