Growing Up is a Continuum

Since I've been back in school, I have to admit, I'm feeling a little bit of regression in the adulthood department. I mean... I used to have a full time job... I was making money, paying down debt, you know, doing things adults love to do. I thought for all intents and purposes I was at least well on my way to "grown-up."

But now here I am... mulling over the MAJOR crises of the student such as a fraction of percentage difference in marks (which we all know in the end matter little in the big picture) all the while trying to figure out what "Life after school" looks like for me - issues and questions I thought I had answers to at this time last year.

And then today, as I was stringing Christmas lights up (it's warm out ok?! it just makes sense to get the job done now) the pole on my front porch, I was hit by a big one: my neighbour's 8-year old daughter asked me: "What do you want to be when you grow-up?"

This coming the day after I went to a wine tasting for which University class mates mocked me as being  "so grown-up" for. So you see the bit of existential conundrum I'm in.

My parent's generation did a good job of leaving high school, getting hitched, having kids, acquiring job.... there wasn't this grey period of deciding and deliberating over what sorts of responsibilities they were ready to take on. It just happened. One day: kids, the next day: adults. If there's any counter argument to be made here it would be that the growing up continuum has shifted from high school to your 20's.

But then again, It's not like getting the 9-5 job makes you a grown-up, and it's certainly not like kids or marriage make you grown-up either. So you can see, I'm still confused.

I mulled it over for a bit, and I was able to come to one definitive decision:

If you are tired on a Friday night by 10 pm, you are probably growing-up.

Because this my friends, is what the kids call "lame" these days. And if we all remember one thing from our childhood it was that anything uncool was definitively: grown-up.

And to finish, the Christmas lights I was hanging when this whole discussion got under-way: