we took a trip to my parent's place this weekend - my best friend is getting married this summer and saturday was her wedding shower!! in the midst of party preparations (including unfolding about 30 tissue paper flowers... i don't know why i ever thought that would be a good idea!) there was time to just sit in my parent's family room and living room and at the kitchen table. there's really is nothing like being at home for a few days. my hometown has exactly four stop lights, one public school, one high school, three churches, two grocery stores and no tim hortons or walmart:


it's a small town.

small towns definitely have their downs (like the fact that nothing is open past 7:30 on a friday night and you can't get takeout sushi ever).

but something i'm beginning to realize as i get older?

takeout sushi  (and if you're  in Ottawa overpriced takeout sushi) is actually overrated when you place it next to the comforts of home.