How I Adapted to My 20's

1. Early mornings, late nights, afternoon naps. 2. Wandering. Walking. Discovering the paths of the city that even the "locals" never discovered by car. Those ambling thoughts are etched into your mind and you'll remember them when you see landmarks for the rest of your life. I've captured my 20's in so many corners of various cities when no one else was looking.

3. That book, that movie, that album, they become so familiar,  an extension of yourself, with the capability of handling the hard times, when you can't do it on your own.

4. Genuine answers and frank questions - there are more hours in the day this way.

5. And asking the questions everyone else around the table is thinking. You learn by speaking it out loud.

6. A favourite lip gloss and shade of nail polish; feel like a woman on the outside because you're old enough to now.

7. Breaking all the rules of boundaries you were warned about, when you know in your heart it's the right thing. 

8. Professors and mentors - it wasn't that long ago that they poured themselves into you, and they're still only an email away.

9. Social media is the detriment that will bring you down in those hours of fragility. Practice aversion or abstinence because it's all just a made up game anyway. When you're ready it will still be there.

10. The necessary cliche of travelling - best experienced with someone who bickers with you at every wrong turn and every foreign train station.

11. When you travel the next time, you'll know the kind of partner you should have by your side.

12. The people who hurt you are overcome when you realize, they were only ever supposed to be your training wheels.

13. No longer a child or a student; your time, your opinion, your self-worth is to be respected. If anyone makes the mistake of passing you off otherwise, they should know that they're disrespectful.

14. You leave a part of yourself behind you when you leave other people behind - which is OK because those are the layers you need to shed.

15. Finishing touches and fine details separate you from the standard baseline.

16. Loving fiercely means there's a chance you'll have the opportunity to be loved fiercely back.

17. Myself. If I have to be alone, I'm ok with just myself.

18. Thoughts in spiral ring notebooks with pretty patterned covers, placed around the apartment at arms length reach just in case there's a whole lot you need to say immediately.

19. Coffee; for the greater good of my education.

20. And oh my gosh I almost forgot about that period of time. When I danced around 200 square feet to love songs by David Grey. 

21. Coincidences are a folly. There's a deliberate pattern to life, you just have to keep your heart open to see the signs.