How To Keep a Commitment to A Gym

I’ve had this nagging thing on my To Do list. It’s not on my regular “to do list”… It’s on my “To Do List of Tasks I’ve Been Avoiding.”

You see, I'm the type of person where the longer something stays on my to do list, the more it seems to be an insurmountable task. When the “To Do” list item lapses into the one month delay period (ok. this is just embarrassing), then I'm forced to move it over to the AVOIDING AT ALL COSTS collection of items that keep me up at night. Like, I would seriously rather clean out the litter box then do these things. It’s pretty bad.

You can see for yourself. It’s nestled amongst #6 “Drop off Dry Cleaning” and #4“Call to Renegotiate a Cell Phone plan”:

So it’s the Gym membership, #5.  Specifically my kickboxing membership; I’m not talking aerobics here, I’m talking full out “here’s-your-uniform-you-respect-the-mat-and-bow-martial-arts-kind of-memebership.”

In order to save gym's face, I have to confess publicly that, "it's not you Gym, it's me." I've got commitment issues.

It’s been nagging on me, dragging me down, making me feel extremely guilty every time I glance at the class schedule calendar hanging in my office and I’m confronted by all the money I’m wasting… and all the non-workouts I’m doing. You might recall the Friends episode where Chandler can’t quit the gym?


So it’s kinda like that for me except it’s not the beautiful lady who’s coercing me into a repetitive cycle of guilt… I’m my own worst, self-destructive gym relationship enemy.

In April I renegotiated my contract with the gym for another six months. The negotiation also happened to coincide with the week we were moving. … which not only entailed moving but spending every waking, non-working moment on painting, renovating and preparing the house. So there’s April. gone.

When we moved at the beginning of May, we moved in the opposite direction of the gym. Like for instance, we now live more than an hour’s bus ride in the opposite direction. Since I’m at the mercy of the Transpo there’s no easy way for me to keep the commitment (Or so I thought)… and so I spent the month avoiding & pushing out of my mind, the huge hurdle that I thought it was to get there... because I got lazy.

June started… and that's when I began to internally freak out. I was worried that they hadn’t taken the bi-monthly payment off of my credit card…. And I was afraid to verify my statement! You know, it would make sense that if you are afraid of missing a payment you would just head on over and pay the fee…. (which there was no problem in doing so... this is sadly not a money thing, but rather a mental thing). Instead, it got so bad that I was avoiding any phone number on my phone I didn’t recognize for fear that they had sent me to collections!!

So just like in many relationships where commitment is a root cause, I was insecure. I was embarrassed that I hadn’t been, that I thought they were judging me!! For being a bad student of kickboxing! Imagine how ridiculous... I mean it's probably safe to say that everyday, all over the world, there are people who can’t keep up with their commitments. Why did I think that I was the only one who had never kept up with something like a gym membership?

So on Wednesday I set out to tackle a few of the “AVOID AT ALL COSTS” items on my list– and to answer your question, no I haven’t bought grout cleaner… and no, I still haven’t dropped my dry cleaning off.

I did however, manage to send an email to the kickboxing school who promptly replied:

Emily! You are always welcome here. Your membership is up to date and you can have back any of the time you have missed over the past two months.

So in like so many relationships, some simple communication solved the problem. I expressed what I needed, and what I was sorry for having done over the past few months. I tried to make right my wrongs.

So in the end, I called that number back, you know the one I thought was the collections agency? (that according to my call log had called me MORE THEN 20 times in the past 2.5 weeks). You know who it was? The student painting organization that I had paint our front hall. They wanted me to complete a customer satisfaction survey.

And I asked for a few favours, and I worked out a ride home from the classes.  I think I've managed to work them into my schedule two days a week.

Life Lesson to self: Communication is key. And when you reach out? EVERYTHING WORKS OUT AND YOU FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.

Annnnyhoo. Long story short:… I went to kickboxing for the first time last night in two months and I’m in a crazy sort of muscle pain today… but the kind of pain that is SO WORTH IT.

Happy Friday!!