It's in the In-Between


(I'm aware there's been a lot of pictures of flowers lately. I just can't seem to help myself!)

It's one of those weeks where I have so much to say, but no real extra breath to write it down. It's a good thing; I like it when life is like "no time to write!" because usually writing means time to reflect, which is good, it just doesn't need to happen all the time. Anyway, you know me. I had to start a post-it note about all the things I wanna capture in words. And then I started another one. And now my purse is littered with little pieces of paper of thoughts I've been having on life lately. Because these are the moments, you know?

Anyway. In short this week has been a strange mish-mash of stuff. It started with Cliff huffing Pine Sol  (no, really) and giving himself mild toxic shock. It's a bit of a story but apparently Pine Sol can be poisonous for dogs? ... or maybe not all dogs because my sister has one, and cleans with Pine Sol, and the dog is fine... but yea, anyway, Cliff was not, and I'm 99% certain he just breathed it in out of the air and ended up having about 24 hours these weird mini "episodes" where he was all paranoid and bugging out. (He's fine now by the way.. just not something I'd want to go through again.)

And then of course work. And running outside because it's been absolutely gorgeous out. And tinkering with flowers and things that grow. I'm just in absolute love with this season right now. Last weekend I even managed to get some colour... And then the other day I was sitting in a board-room meeting with a sleeve-less dress on and I looked down and realized I'd worked up an amazing t-shirt tan. Tis the season. It's something to consider I guess, since the wedding is in August.

May, you've been a pretty amazing month so far. I feel pretty blessed and trust me, I'm not taking a minute of it for granted.