Kafka, Klinkenbourg and Schultz on Deck

I call myself an attention deficit type of reader. As a rule, I sleep with about five books stacked on the bedside table. The benefits? I can pick a book to suit my mood. The pitfalls? It takes forever to finish a book. books-on-a-bedside.jpg

And so there sits, a really weird assortment of books on deck, all are intriguing in their own ways. Some of them speak to me and beg to be read and others just wait patiently until I make my way back to them.

Of course, absent are the page-turners. Already devoured and returned to their place on the book-shelf in the basement (with the other $9.99 paperbacks I snuck into the cart at Walmart). You see, every now and then I'll pick one up and stay awake until 2 am trying to finish the entire book (and usually it's not the quality of the writing, but the guilty sort of pleasure of the story that sucks me in.... I'm a sucker for a Nicholas Sparks novel, but who isn't?)

But the ones that stick around, because you can't just rush about pages of history, keep me company when I wake up at night and can't get back to sleep. But I don't think of them as "old friends" (a title only reserved for the likes of Little Women or Anne of Green Gables), but more like travellers who have stopped at the hotel bar to pass on a story or two before they head on their way.

Currently on deck:

"Somehow it seems appropriate that the year should have ended with a winter storm worth remembering, a walloping northeaster drawing snow down in heaps from a solid ceiling of clouds." The Rural Life by Verlyn Klinkenbourg

"A dog doesn't try to give you a lot of advice, he just listens." - You're Our Kind of Dog, Snoopy, Charles M. Schulz

"The people of the Russian steppes, likely the first horse people, saw the next world as a mirror to this one - with everything backward. This may explain why even today state and military funerals feature an ornate riderless horse with boots fixed in the stirrups and the toes pointing backward."Wild About Horses: Out Timeless Passion for the Horse by Lawrence Scanlan

"Walked to Staplebourg this evening. With two people I introduced and recommended to one another. Ruins. Back at ten." - The Diaries of Franz Kafka by Franz Kafka

"Has the beloved reader, in his experience of society, never heard similar remarks by good-natured female friends; who always wonder what you CAN see in Miss Smith that is so fascinating; or what COULD induce Major Jones to propose for that silly insignificant simpering Miss Thompson, who has nothing but her wax-doll face to recommend her?" Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery

So I have to know, are you the kind of person who reads a book cover the cover or are there other readers like me out there?