Keeping a Straight Face About Marriage

familypic.jpgHave you ever been sitting in a church office, facing the minister who’s going to marry you, and he’s talking about the serious elements of marriage and how you should be sure you can commit your lives to one another? And you look over at your fiancé. And he stares back at you lovingly. And then you look back at the minister again and try to concentrate with a serious look on your face. And then, in the big picture window behind the minister, you notice a car on the road right outside the building has slowed down. And because it has jammed on its brakes you notice that the person in the driver seat is craning their neck, peering into the window just to catch a glimpse of what’s going on in the office?

And then suddenly, you realize it’s your mother.

Spying on your marriage meeting.

Attempting to see that you’re behaving, no doubt.

Except the sight of her is enough to make you burst out laughing at the most inappropriate moment.

No? Oh well that’s what happened to me on the weekend.

After I composed myself, Mike and I also determined a few amazingly awesome things about the meeting:

a) That we’re getting married in the same church both my sisters were married in. b) That the sanctuary is just the perfect little place to say I Do. c) The Church we're getting married in is Gay friendly and displays rainbow flags on the windows to the Sunday school area. d) That we believe in the ideals of marriage, otherwise we’d probably just keep on living together, status quo; And e) We want to say it and proclaim it in front of the people who matter most to us.