Makes Me Happy When Skies are Grey

pilgrimdogspilgrim dogs oldbooksmell that distinctive old book smell beachlove falling in love right under your nose bookstore bookstores of any kind peterpan peter pan, favourite story of all time trainstation nothing better then a hello today I will be happier my credo.

I've been sick with the flu all week. And it's made me feel somewhat better to do some on-line shopping while drinking neo-citron. But as good as that admittedly was, it's made me feel 10 x better to randomly get lost on the internet falling into worm holes of information.

Today I got mad (internally) at the guy sitting next to me on the bus. He was playing candy crush on his iPad and was seriously all up in my personal space - mostly it was the elbows in the air but do you ever have those days were people just irritate you, and you can't pin point why? So I steamed internally for about 30 minutes at Candy Crush man.

And when I got home Cliff head-butted me between the eyes so hard I almost cried. It had taken me 5 minutes to get my winter boots off (there's a TON of snow here right now) and then I realized he needed to go outside and play right away. In bending over we collided. It was one of those days.

And then things took a turn when we got outside. Believe me when I say this friends, there's nothing like a dog bounding happily through the snow. Nothing. There are so many times when having a dog makes sense to me, but the most resounding reinforcement I have of this is when Cliff reminds me that life is great, just because you're alive and chasing a ball.

And then Mike brought home spicy green curry which just warmed me up from stuffed sinuses to cold toes so I think from here on out, the week's gonna get that much better :)

But if it's all the same to you, I'm just gonna call it a week even though it's only Thursday.