My Best Friend's Wedding

IMG_2670 Over the weekend, my best friend tied the knot! It was four full days of festivities - so many memories I'll never forget, and it truly was the most beautiful day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it wasn't too hot. (Both small miracles considering we've been surrounded by rain and sub-par summer weather since the beginning of June.)

I was really emotional most of the day. Like crying getting hair done, putting earrings in, practicing my speech. It's weird.. weddings are happy occasions.. I don't understand why they make me want to cry. So many emotions maybe?

The wedding was at her parent's golf course so it made it super intimate and personal. Every detail was unique and prepared by the bride herself - I really can't even begin to explain how magical this made the whole mood of the wedding. There were lawn games, and flowers everywhere. We got to enter the ceremony with the bride and her parents by driving down a hill on golf carts (bad ass!) (also mine stalled on the way and I had a slight panic attack), and the flower girl (who is NINE) helped sing the most beautiful rendition of "It Feels Like Home" (such an amazing song) - gave me goose bumps so beautiful.

Mike was the MC and he did such an amazing job - my heart swelled with pride to see him up there, part of the big day. It means so much to me that we're all gonna grow old together, making new memories and having new adventures.

This will probably have to be "my best friend's wedding part one." there are too many pictures (for instance not pictured here: snaps shots of the time spent in the booze trailer cooling off - also no actual picture of the bride and groom together- crying shame). I forgot my real camera at my parent's place which is basically driving me insane not being able to immediately relive all the wonderful moments of the day. It really does go by so fast - the ceremony wasn't until 4 pm, but I don't know what we did with the time! Up before 7 am and just anticipating the big moment I suppose.

Here are some pics I managed to snap with my phone throughout the day (and stole from my sister on facebook.)

Congrats again to the bride and groom!! Happily Ever After my dear friends <3


 the tent arrived on thursday - these were the clouds on friday ^^^

IMG_2564 IMG_2572                                          we spent most of friday putting all the details together. (Tara, one of the bride's closest friends did so much to help put every fine detail into place!) And then when we were all set up, we had an amazing rehearsal dinner on the veranda ^^

IMG_2580IMG_2585                                      rehearsal dinner bride and MOH's ^^^ (me left, sister right)

IMG_2600 IMG_2607

7 am on the morning of the wedding, (setting up the ceremony hay bails in the distance) & flower girl spreading some love



IMG_2601 IMG_2616

making sure the tables are in place before the hair and makeup commence ^^^


most beautiful ever ^^^

  IMG_2623 IMG_2624

pretty bridesmaids ^^^^ and below, a beautiful flower girl, beautiful bouquet



 Toohey, the family dog trotted alongside the group to the ceremony


before and during ^^^^


580489_10152974783905004_287472768_n 936454_10152974797605004_30787563_n  1000755_10152974799055004_1357706938_n

mike was in love with the giant jenga, my dad made it to the ceremony(!!!) along with my sisters, my brother-in-laws and my mama :)

600226_10152974798550004_648559169_n IMG_2656 IMG_2658

Such a perfect day! Thanks for letting me be part of it :)