My Name Sake: Sparrow in the Tree Top

Without being what you would consider an actual birder by profession, I have had a lot of affinity to birds over the course of my life: 1. I continually asked for "Robins" from my grandfather... not the actual bird just the picture on the CDN Two dollar bill which is no longer in circulation. Evidently I was a money hound.

2. I had a doll I named Robyn which I toted along with me everywhere. She had this crazy head of hair that I made stand on end by sucking it. Very hygienic.

3. The nickname my mom gave me: "My little Chickadee"

4. The nickname Mike has given me: bird - in various forms and derivations. This started initially due to the fact that I let out the odd "mccawww!" when I'm particularly excited about something. For instance:

5. It seemed like a logical course of progression that when I set out to name this blog a year ago I stick a bird reference in there somewhere. When my sister was married they made CD's for everyone with song dedications to family members.


Sparrow in the Tree Top was a dedication to my grandma, and it's just so darn catchy it seemed like the natural fit here.

Parts to watch for:  I love my kids, and my beautiful wife (1:38) at which point Guy Mitchell mimes an hourglass outline in the air. Classic hunky 50's entertainment.