My Week in Black and White

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This week was a lot about scheduling and adjusting to a life of school mixed with work.

It was almost Fall for a few minutes and then it was ridiculously humid and gross and then it was rainy. Bipolar weather patterns.

We tried out some Fall food in the moments it seemed appropriate. Curry and Pho have to be top on the list for seasonal cravings.

New schedules = new running routes when you are trying to jam it in between class and commuting to work.

Oh and did I mention I oh so casually said "yes" to entry into the Army Half Marathon? It's in a week. It sold out in June but someone had a transfer to give me and now here we are.... 8 days and I'll be on the course doing 21.1 km. Sometimes I don't very clearly think things through.

I've been reading Maddadam.

I've been listening to This American Life again. One of my classes is radio broadcast and it's helping me get into the spirit.

At one point this week I saw a man with a seeing eye dog. And I had new appreciation for people who train dogs. And I thought to myself:

"There's no amount of training that could have made Cliff a seeing eye dog."

And that's my week in black and white.

What stood out to you about your week?