Negotiating the Purchase of A House

We're clearly first time home buyers... so it makes plenty of sense that we bought something privately.... especially because we know so much about the whole .... system. As in we don't need no stinkin' training wheels. As in three weeks ago I thought "make them an offer" extended only to flea market buys.  But naturally, true to the fashion of how we run this side show, (our general lives)... we made the decision to buy and we didn't look back. No.... let me elaborate:

On Thursday March 15 we thought, Maybe we should buy a house?

On Sunday March 18 we saw two houses.

On Monday March 19 we put in an offer on one of said houses.

On Thursday March 22 the conditional offer was accepted.

On Friday March 23 the inspection cleared.

Tomorrow we close. As in 12 days later from the first time we looked and only 15 days later from the side thought... huh... home ownership eh?

Lo mein was having a hard time with it at first but I think in fairness we threw her into it a bit blind-sighted.

Happy to say though that she has rallied and she's coming around.

So the best part of this whole she-bang?

We negotiated the deal on our own. It happened accidentally really. That is, if negotiating your way into the purchase of a house can happen "accidentally."

We show up with our offer, expecting to slip it into the potential buyer's mail box. I thought I was being extra stealth in my squeaky white tennis sneakers but the glare must have given me away.

At any rate, the front door opens and we're invited in. The front hall conversation was extra comfortable and really really conducive to wanting to join them at their dining room table wherein we would be given an opportunity to slide our (LOW BALL) offer across the table.

"Ohhh we don't want to bother you. We just thought we would leave it for you to look over"

"Don't be silly, let's get this over with tonight. Come on in."

Insert small talk. Insert slight language barrier between the two parties.

Insert Mike opening our envelope and sliding the offer across the table.

"This is not what we would be prepared to accept. We can tell you we've already refused an offer for a few thousand more. We had a magic number in mind." (The Mrs. of the household is running the show at this point. This conversation is happening entirely between Mike and herself.)

"Well... we had a bit of a magic number in mind too....." (Oh yeaaa, we know how to play hard ball.)

Insert look from wife indicating plainly that our magic numbers were not matching up, and this would  probably NOT be a happy union of passing the home-hot-potato.

At this point, the husband speaks up, and he's immediately shot a stern side glance (read: we did NOT discuss this beforehand)

He says "Well ... look. We like you guys. We were talking before you got here and we decided that you both remind us of ourselves when we first bought this home 9 years ago. We would feel better selling to you. If we could meet somewhere in the middle, would you be willing to bend a bit more?" (side note: aside from the fact that we were thrown for the first time into a home negotiating scenario, they were quite lovely to work with, and we did have similar reciprocal feelings about them and the home they owned -hence why were were jumping at the chance)

Now it's my turn to interject. "We would have to talk it over of course." (Side glance at Mike.)

But then suddenly we are up and leaving 2 minutes later, and though we still had to "talk it over" we were really leaving in possession of 1 house, from which point when we arrived, we formerly lacked.

Obviously we drove immediately to Five Guys bought two burgers and fries and called it a night.

All in a day's work.