New Babies and Birthdays

This is a post that starts with a birthday AND ends with a birthday (Spoiler alert - not both mine). And while this ^^^ is how my birthday ended (A symphony sunset over the Ottawa River. #RomanticSunsetForOne - I'll take it) there is something much more special at the end that you'll want to stick around for (HINT it's in the title).

This year I was some sort of magician and managed to spread my birthday out into about a week of festivities - first I was home visiting my parents over labour day weekend - and then I had my actual birthday and THEN I had another birthday dinner with Mike's family. Game over - three birthday dinners. I feel like I'm 10 again. (Moreso because I'm STILL talking about my birthday and it's like a week after it passed. Oh vell. Live like a kid while you still can.)

On my actual birthday I worked but we managed to fit in a small birthday treat breakfast at my favourite coffee place in the city

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When I got home from work I was surprised with a special meal - Mole Chicken con Michael. I still don't know which type of food is my favourite food (This is a completely valid question which I mull over probably no less then three times a week - like if you passed me on the street or in commute and you thought yourself, "What is that girl thinking about?" It would probably be this question). Sometimes I don't think I could live without Mexican... but then there's Italian.... and of course mediterranean... OK you just can't make me pick. Ahhh... this is probably why I have so many issues with a menu. TOO MANY YUMMY THINGS.

Do you see this adorable box?


I've been taunted with a hidden gift in the house for about a month. Like I would actually LOOK for it. Come on Mike - It's not like I can't contain myself....

Also. It's wrapped in wedding paper which makes it that much more special.

When we were driving to Mike's final hockey game of the season, the light was doing crazy things on high-rise buildings. You couldn't tell which direction the sun was coming from and by the time we got to the arena, which is right on the Ottawa River, the sun was just starting to set. I joined a couple of stoners (from a distance back) who were likewise mesmerized and it seemed like just the perfect sort of sky one would want to see on their birthday. Thank-you world. You are beautiful.

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So now the truly beautiful part. A few days after my birthday we were having dinner with Mike's family when we got the call we'd been waiting for!

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A new baby in the family!!! We already new he was going to be a boy but we'd been waiting on pins and needles all day to hear an update. This right there is the look of relief/excitement ^^^^

So the real birthday joy goes to this little guy right here:

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Happy birthday baby K!!!