Noise etc.

IMG_0415 Yesterday at this time Mike was sitting upstairs, mad at me, the cat AND the dog because there's so much noise in the house lately.(To be fair to me and Lo mein it was mostly because of the dog.) He started barking at about 5:45 and was a holy terror most of the morning - running around with shoes/biting at things/barking at the cat. Usual cartoonish dog stuff.

This afternoon it's all quiet on the Western Front. I got a text showing me a conked out dog, laying on the office ottoman while Mike typed away at his desk (So I think they made up.)

I had wanted to get a dog for a long time. It was something that I basically begged Mike for - I'd say I worked on him for probably about two years. I always had dogs growing up - but not the kind that were in the house. We lived in the country and they had a dog house and a kennel run and slept inside at night. Mike never had any pets growing up and he was always skeptical about getting one- Like having to walk it, having to feed it, pay for vet bills (ok I was skeptical about this too) and why would you want an animal living in the house with you?

So I guess you could say I finally wore him down and he said, "ok, let's get a dog."

(side note: now it's impossible to tell who he loves more: me or Cliff.)

One of the reasons that I wanted a dog (aside from the fact that animals are awesome and most of the time I like them better then people), was so that we didn't get to stuck in a "rut."

I feel like I'm young still. I'm still figuring out what I want to do with my life/what type of work I see myself doing in a few years. Mike is in a similar boat - he's working and trying to figure out what sort of route he has to take to pursue doing stand-up comedy full time.

And were not unlike so many other late-twenty somethings (well that's just me... Mike's THIRTY now ;) ) and we have this crazy back-wards luxury of "taking time" to see what we want to do. My mom at my age now had 2 kids. My sister is 34 and she already has a teenager who's just about in University.

I'm STILL in University.

When you settle down and have a family right away, you learn to adjust. You don't spend 2 hours at breakfast on the weekend, or make a gourmet meal on a weeknight. Part of me feels guilty that that's how I'm living my life still - how I want to, and not on someone elses' schedule.

So we are accountable to few things in life at this point - which is why I wanted to get a dog. Honestly it made me uncomfortable to think: "You could just get so used to this lifestyle that you'll never want to change it."

So mission accomplished - if I wanted a dog so that we would be able to change up our routine, and avoid becoming overly selfish or stuck in "our ways" - I did it.

We now get up at 5:50 most mornings. We're both tired. The dog barks and disrupts the silence of the saturday morning because he really needs to go and run some energy out. When we're out for the evening we "have to get home for the dog." And it's not like we were surprised about this. We knew going into it that it was a "big responsibility."

And I'd say that we take turns being mad about it - about the loss of freedom.

And it's crazy because even as I'm typing this I'm thinking... "It's just a DOG. How is it that our lives have changed THAT much. And why do other people with dogs not seem to make that big of a deal about it? Why do people with MULTIPLE children, not get angry about excess noise in the house?"

So anyway... we're learning to deal with noise. Which is probably a good thing because there are those other times when my life is busy and loud and I think to myself that silence is over-rated.