Ok NOW it's Friday

cliff-the-dog kitchen-chalk-board wine-for-dinner roasted-red-pepper-soup


Aloe-vera-plantOn Wednesday morning it felt like Friday. I seriously had a moment when I thought it HAD to be the end of the week (mostly because I put about 30 hours of combined school and work into Monday and Tuesday.

But it's OK.

It's gonna be OK because I found a small window of time of Friday mornings when I don't have to be anywhere until 9:30 and I can just ... sit. I was going to use this time to run and then I thought... no way hosanna, you've been running all . week . long.

Currently drinking tea, sitting in this gorgeous, warm sun that only seems to come around once a year when it's Fall, and trying to sum up the energy to think about how I'm running a half-marathon on Sunday. (Seriously worst lapse of judgement ever when I just decided that would happen).

The weekend looks a lot like the week --> busy. But what's a girl to do when it's all fun stuff ? :)

Things I learned this week: carpe diem, don't procrastinate (actually I didn't learn that... not sure I'll ever fully learn that lesson), invest in a good pair of walking shoes, love your neighbour, live boldly, and screw what other people think... life's too short for that sort of mentality.

Also, love your blogger!! Two blog friends have collectively combined their forces together to save my life: Betsy Transatlantically gave us the tip that we should get Cliff an Antler Bone (pictured above) to chew on and Sarah from For the Love of Chow  bought us the gift of TIME when she told us to get a puzzle toy for Cliff to eat out of. Ladies, he loves both and I can't put into words what this advice has done for our quality of life!!

I hope you all have a wonderfully fabulous weekend!! Three cheers for the internet and the people you meet on it :)

ps. sometimes when I'm tired and I write "blogger" I have to do a double take because I think I've written "BOOger." Oopsy.