On Wedding Blogging

20140310-160558.jpg(^that would be our Save the Date, nestled amongst the family on my parent's fridge)

A lot of what’s going on in my life lately has to do with wedding planning. And for a blogger who reads zero wedding blogs herself, it’s a bit of a juxtaposition to be in; there’s nothing that bores me more than the thought of writing out my wedding plans which would go something like this:

I’m stressing because I can’t decide if the blue I've chosen is too “green-y blue, and not “baby blue” enough.”

Translation: Let’s just watch paint dry instead.

And here’s the actual truth of it all: I've never come across a wedding blog that I've been inclined to read. Sincerely, I read other people’s blogs because I like to listen to their stories. And wedding plans… they’re not stories. In my opinion they're exaggerated to-do lists and links to ideas around the internet. Sure it can be helpful, if you’re doing a really different theme or having it in a unique location that other people can learn from, but usually let’s be honest, it’s not usually ground-breaking information.

And another thing that can get to me about wedding blogging; it's a “blog genre” that happens to be HIGHLY SUSCEPTIBLE to what I call the “Christmas Card Syndrome”: You know those Christmas letters you get from distant family members; the ones who you have never met who feel the need to tell you how successful their kids are? In my opinion, it’s a toxic combination when you combine that frame of mind with someone who’s getting married.

And yet, there are literally thousands of wedding blogs.

I think it’s because it’s like going through any other big life change – like moving to a new city, having a baby or taking on a new challenge – you’re inclined to want to record it and preserve it in your memory.

And that I empathize with – it’s why I started blogging in the first place. I always thought the expression “my little corner of the internet” was corny, but really, it articulates exactly why I like to take and post pictures of our life, my home, my families my friends. Sometimes I even forget that there are people reading because I truly do just want to put it down in print. But let's be honest there's a reason I want to share it on the internet as opposed to the blank pages of a diary, and the operative word there is "sharing." I guess the important part is to not sound like a complete twat and also capture the moments that I’ll want to read about again one day. And I know for sure the colour scheme is not one of them.