One for the Bloggers out There

The techie stuff about blogging can weigh you down. And like, please appreciate that I'm not a techie. My idea of becoming more technologically inclied means learning how (after four years) to kind of use the "manual" function on my DSLR.... this after the age when every monkey seems to know how to take and edit good pictures. (Come to think of it, I still don't know what DSLR stands for).

And it's taken me forever to understand what RSS is. Seriously I've read definitions and I just don't get it. Or correction - I get the concept but I don't appreciate why it has to be that hard. To work properlly that is. And when things don't work, I'm SO impatient about having them fixed.

Anyway this week I just basically wanted to take my blog right out of the computer screen and throw it through the window. And hopefully it would land in a patch of snow and melt so I wouldn't have to look at it ever again.

Just when I finally (FINALLY) I seemed to fix the comment system with stupid disqus (that was like a three week or more ordeal), I realize Bloglovin' isn't retrieving my posts for the feed. I was already really angry with Bloglovin' because they never display my pictures in the feed - and like cmon' everyone knows,.... you need a picture in the feed!

Why? Why does it seem to work so easily for other people and then here I am wasting countless hours trying to understand the behind the scenes that I"m so clearly not even near to grasping?! Why do some people start a blog and then like in "three magical months" it's SO SUCCESSFUL?!

And I feel like an absolute fool going to help support "Um please make my silly little blog your priority. And FIX IT."

And you know what? All of this stupid stuff about things that I seemingly can't fix? The reason it's so annoying is because all I really want to do is write. Since when did I care about "thumbnail pictures" and the "speed of my RSS." And then all this other stuff about look and appearance, and subscribers and everything makes you wonder what the whole point of blogging is in the first place.

And while we're on the topic sometimes I read other blogs and I'm like.... seriously... that blog?! OH come ON! There's just so much regurgitation out there. It's exhausting.

So yea. A rant for the bloggers. Without a picture.