One year ago today...

One  year ago less a day,  I did the post I've copied below on the Persian New Year, Nowruz. On this day last year it was hot out (a difference of about 30 degrees Celsius from the temperature today), spring was coming, I had money because I worked a nine-to-five job and I wasn't buried in school work.

There really couldn't have been a more-365-degree-change since last year at this time. In fact ,the picture of the window (below) was taken at the place we were living at that point as well.

So, yes.  In the past year I changed occupations, houses and life goals.

Wow. Writing it down like that makes me realize how drastic of a year it's been.

Even though the snow we got here in Ottawa yesterday makes it seem like spring is still eons away, you can feel the anticipation of this time of year; things are about to change again.

Spring time = growth.

It's all good.


Happy NowRuz!

march 21, 2012

Spring has SPRUNG. (side note: while we are on that topic, it has been confirmed: only spring can be “sprung” – you can’t *sprung* anything else. You might have sprung out of bed yesterday but my cat can't be sprung, the chair has springs but it stays pretty stationary... you get the idea.) 

In fact Spring has more then sprung: the past three days have been recording breaking heat for this time of year - and not just record breaking... record SMASHing. Yesterday it was a "feels" like temperature of 29 degrees in Ottawa. The last time we had record breaking warmth was sometime in the 1960's, when the mercury reached a comparatively "mild" 16 degrees Celsius.

Did you know that the Persian New Year (Nowruz) coincides with the Gregorian calendar’s first day of spring? Yep, it does: at 1 am on March 20 to be precise.  I had a drink with my lovely friend hier soir and she explained it all to me in very vague detail. And then Wikipedia informed me that depending on what part of the world you are in, and the day on which spring equinox actually takes place (could be the 20 or the 21 or March), Nowruz could also happen on the 21 at 1 am. So technically I'm about 24 hours late... or 48 depending on where you are reading this right now.

So this makes heaps of sense. In fact as I recall, it was the topic of my first post ever, (which was also not-so-coincidentally one year ago)… I just never knew that there was actually any validity or echoing in history to what I was saying. Though in retrospect I should have clued in sooner…a) These are the little ranting reflections of life that I am actually good at pointing out (just sad that it literally took me one full year to put the research in behind my initial hunch); and b) pagan rituals and beliefs laid the way for so many of the religious holidays we celebrate today, so it stands to reason that there exist in some realm a cultural new year celebration on the first day of spring.

And it's not a stretch at all to put NY's on top of the first day of spring: spring is about rebirth, new beginnings, and changes. As we have botched the system, we now start all of those things in the middle of the dark season on January 1, when you have to coerce yourself into making resolutions and even to leave the house.

Let me tell you, it’s a whole heck of a lot easier to do it on a day when you feel like shedding your jacket, and admiring the little bits of growth all around you. We should make a stronger habit of mimicking nature. Poke our heads out from hibernation when the Sun tells us it's time to.