Photographing and Stuff Like That

IMG_3286This weekend has been filled with absolutely gorgeous weather. Like the kind of weather you hear about in summertime romance novels. If I had to pick, I would say that crickets at night are my favourite (unless there's just one cricket chirping... then it's torture). The cool august nights make it perfect sleeping weather and I love falling asleep with the window cracked open.  On Friday night I almost put on a "sleepy time songza list" to fall asleep to and then I was like... "What are you doing - it's the most beautiful night out there, don't wreck it with music."

Most weekends this summer we've been out of town so this weekend we took advantage of the fact that we were sleeping in our own bed.... and then we sold it (true story - we've wanted to get rid of it for awhile and now we're sleeping on a mattress on the ground a la college dorm style).

IMG_3289 IMG_3302 IMG_3292 IMG_3295

And in addition to the Kijiji sales I've been doing a lot of strategizing about baking. Yesterday we went out to a market stand/farm (see above) for some fresh vegetables (which in the act of typing this, I know my sister will just roll her eyes at how perfectly "suburbanite" of me for doing so) but, I came home with about 6 cups of fresh blueberries and I'm gonna put it into this recipe. Who's rolling their eyes now I ask you?


ALSO, did I forget to mention, last weekend when I went home for a visit to my parent's place, I was reunited with my camera? In fact I think I did forget. I left it there at the beginning of July when we were home for a friend's wedding. While it's been really fun taking (hundreds) of pictures with my iPHONE, after a month away from the Nikon I found myself saying.... "WHY don't you ZOOM Instagram!?"

Because the camera was back in hand I was able to do this:


First time ever taking pictures for someone!!! Family albeit but still a real live scenario where I wanted to do a good job.

Confession, I've owned a digital DSLR for about ... 4 years now? Maybe 5? Anyway the point is I still don't use it properly... or to it's full potential. This despite the fact that I've taken a university level photo-journalism course (I'm not kidding when I say I just tuned it all out) .... But yesterday it came to a head. I knew at one point someone would assume I knew what I was doing (because I was holding a camera that makes you look more capable) and then they would ask me to do some pictures for them. In an effort to finally both make myself proud and do a good job for the lovely couple, I spent a good deal of time revisiting the basics, trying wrap my head around what "f" has to do with Aperture.

I was able to get a few that I was happy with - hoping that mama and papa are happy as well :) Sneak peak:


On that note, if anyone has any tips for me, photography (or otherwise... I'm constantly seeking counsel in most areas of life :) ) I'd love to hear from you. How do you capture candid shots? I'm feeling more confident at framing and posing, but what I really want to improve upon are the special moments that come naturally.

Now seeking tips and tricks!!

Happy Sunday all :)