Please, Retire Already

It is dang hard to find a job in this economy. People aren't hiring outsiders. And, if you are lucky enough to "get in" somewhere, there's no CHANCE it will be permanent. You are pretty much guaranteed to spend about 5 years, bouncing around from temporary position to temporary position.

"Permanency," in my opinion, is a thing of the past.

It doesn't matter where you are or what you specialized in (with perhaps the exception of a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or something in high tech), the reality is, teacher, lawyer, communications, administration - whatever; in North America, if you have a University Degree, it's tough to find a job.

I had a job. To get it, I applied to 65 spots, got three interviews, and was given one position. I consider myself lucky for the opportunity to prove myself. 

I spent three years, trying to do the best I could in that position with the hope that one day, "when the economy calmed down" I would get a chance to put the Master's Degree I worked very hard to obtain, to good use. (Read: there would be some vertical movement). But there's not any movement. And At some point, we are going to need to be able to make the sort of money that will support starting a family, owning a house and paying off piles of student debt that we accrue. (Just like you had a chance to do.)

To the older generation that has called those of us in this position "drifters" or "high maintenance," or "un-accepting of  hard work" (which is mostly whom I'm writing this for):

We are willing! We wouldn't go "travelling to find ourselves" if there was a clear path to take. If application processes didn't take upwards of one year or longer. 

We will work hard. We will put the hours in.

We will choose to work.

BUT - there HAS to be jobs for us to apply to. And I understand that this is just one part of the problem with the economy right now (a bubble of people hovering around retirement - and I understand that some people have NO choice but to keep working because they have little option to do otherwise), but the thing is....

This generation can't support an aging population if we don't have jobs.

I'm just sayin'.

Please, retire already!