Pumped Up Kicks

You have no idea how glorious of a day it was today in ottawa... unless of course you live here too.

it felt like spring was breaking through. of course i was locked up inside most of the day... having procrastinated the past few evenings (only my own fault i know it). buuuuttt, i just couldn't resist and i had to squeeze one quick run in. (actually it wasn't that quick, it just wasn't long).

i didn't even wear a hat and trust me when i say this good people, i always run in a hat. i'm the biggest baby when it comes to winter running and i usually overdress.

anyhoooo... i digress. the result of this balmy +12 degree weather?

it felt like my feet were flying. pumped up kicks kept playing through my head - i think because i was bouncing and because that song reminds me of nice & warm weather.

do you know what my favourite part about running in really cold weather is?

the minute it feels a bit warmer out, it actually does feel like summer in comparison.

somehow it makes me feel like spring is closer. even though today is january 30 and something tells me there's a lot of winter left in the old man yet.

the rest of the way to school i jumped in puddles... because i could.

(pink boots)