Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Bars

ancient-hand-mixer pumpkin-cookie-bars pumpkin-cookie-bars Pumpkin-Cookie-Bars-With-Frosting Pumpkin-Cookie-Bars-With-Frosting Well my Kitchen Aid Mixer has been out of commission for awhile now and we have yet to get it fixed. So I've been avoiding baking which is just so sad to me because it's my outlet. Like usually I find it totally calms me down like a good yoga class might.

But turns out baking with an ancient hand mixer that the cord continually falls out of has the opposite effect. I know a good carpenter doesn't blame his tools but seriously people, "I CAN'T work under these conditions!!"

I'll blame the hand mixer for my frustration. But I won't blame it for the end result of these cookie bars. That I credit to my hastiness. I scanned my cook-book for a sugar cookie recipe in hopes that I would make some cute little pumpkin cut out cookies for work. The result was a sugar cookie recipe for BARS... not cookies. Lesson learned, read the entire recipe all the way through. I got to the part where you should be rolling the "dough" out on a table and realized that I was being instructed to "pour" the batter into a pan.

That's the first thing that went wrong.

Then I tried to make the recipe into a "dough" by adding excessive amounts of flour. Turns out all that does it dry a cookie bar out.

So... I slathered it in icing. Which in case you didn't know, nothing can taste that bad when slathered in icing. Also I stuffed a bunch of pumpkin puree into the batter at an earlier stage so the result was a scone/cookie type thing.