Really Nice Days Make You Wanna Say: Ahhhhh

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I was out and about in Ottawa today, TCOB (taking care of business) and it was such a beautiful day... so of course I took pictures of everything I saw. I just love these crisp, clear days at this time of year. There's something about the air and the sun and the light. Fall perfection.

I've think I've been somewhat missing in action since last week. A loss of inspiration maybe? The usual things I like to write about or put together didn't light the spark within me like it usually does. There were a few times when I thought I would put a recipe together, but I'd stop myself thinking, "It's already been done - it's just a re-creation of one of the million pictures of bread or grilled cheese that you can already find on Pinterest."

I think the definition of that sort of thinking pattern is "Cynicism." It's healthy of course to want to create something new... but when you realize you've started to sound like the people of "Get of My Internets" you know you've hit a bit of a cynical low.

And I hate the idea of being cynical. I had a high school teacher once give me a long lecture (following some sort of absent minded teenager action) wherein she told me I was both "narcissistic and cynical." She probably should have been fired for the whole thing (aren't all teenagers at one point narcissistic?!), but obviously when these things happen behind closed doors, they really don't make it very far. The point is though, it imprinted on me. And whenever I have the slightest tendency towards a cynical comment, I'm reminded that at one point someone told me I was cynical, and I worry that it's possible to become the person she said I was. It's strange; that single conversation has made me anything but cynical - it's had the opposite effect.

The point however, is the fact that I'm not usually concerned with what other people think - or whether or not I'm just adding to the chatter or social media or the blogging world. The reason I'm doing all of this - this divulgence of feelings and life actions because I want to. It's my own outlet. And I like it when I tell my story and it encourages other people to tell theirs as well.

I think I've just needed some time to gather my bearings since I decided to leave school for good last week.

At any rate, there's one thing I never stop being inspired to do: take pictures :-)