20130729-074852.jpgWait. So some of your might be wondering why this is not an anti-cooking post (does that count as a double negative?) as has been the case for the past month. You see, the thing is, I spent the weekend fighting off a summer cold or flu virus and in the interest of both recharging, and not internet spreading the virus to all you lovely people, I steered clear of the kitchen.

"Yea I think I'm just going to go home and rest."

That's what I said on a glorious summer Friday afternoon when all my work pals were making plans for 5 à 7 festivities.

And earlier in the day on my lunch break, as I sat down in the seat at the hair dressers and I couldn't help but thinking to myself... "yeeeeee... you do not look good sistah*."

It's funny when that cold or flu bug creeps up on you. One minute you're feeling fine and then the next that achy feeling creeps into your throat when you swallow and your eyes start burning.

What pained me even more was the fact that I had to back out of the annual family mini putt tournament.... it's not like I had a title to defend, I just really thought this was going to be my year.


Apparently it was Mike's though (although technically I'm told he shared the prize with his sister-in-law).... a tied game - they both shot a 49. Is that good on a mini putt course? I don't think I'm in a place to judge but maybe ya'll can comment on that one...








At any rate, the lovely proof now sits in our living room for the year: 20130729-074922.jpg

The highlight of the weekend was reading this:

20130729-074901.jpg Recommended to me by a friend from work I just devoured it. It was kind of a funny position to be in; zero energy while reading about a woman who tackles a 2,000 mile + hike through deserts, mountains etc. It did however inspire me - I also wonder how many other people who read this book out there will be inspired to hike the Pacific Coast Trail in the next few years? Have any of you read this book or will you be planning a massive hike? If so maybe I'll join ya...




Also while this isn't anti-cooking per-say, it didn't take a lot of effort to put together:


(Oranges + ice + blend ^^^^)


Adios weekend. It's been nice knowing ya!

We'll be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled not-cooking program.