So many things

there were so many things to do today. it was a crazy week. the craziest in a long time. you know one of those weeks where you actually can't find a spare minute to reply to an email? ya. that kind of week.

throughout the week as I ran from room to room in my house, scrambling to rush out the door to the next appointment or class, I kept seeing the piles of clean clothes that were never folded and put away last weekend, the dirty pile overflowing in the laundry basket, along with the need to vacuum, clean bathrooms etc. etc. etc.

I managed to turn my head for one fleeting moment on the (early) drive to school on Friday morning. The sun was shining just so, and the way it fell on the river beside the road I felt like spring was just laying underneath the snowbanks:


last night there was a brief break from the madness, but i woke up this morning remembering that it was only that: brief! there are still a million items on the to do list that got re-prioritized on tuesday when i realized there actually was no possible human way to get done what i needed to from monday to friday.

so this morning, after an evening off, i remembered that there were still so many things to get done today.

instead of doing those things,

there was a breakfast,


a walk in the woods,


and a nap on the couch.

(not pictured here)

three cheers for throwing  to do lists aside when life calls for it.

Happy weekend everyone!