"Spring" and Birthday Celebrations

easter weekendIt could have been the sunshine but either way you slice it, we had such an amazing weekend visiting my parents and family over Easter weekend. We got to celebrate my mom's birthday and hang out with the coolest nieces (and nephew!) an aunt could ask for. Also my sister was dog sitting for a friend so in addition to the humans we were in the welcome company of two Great Danes and of course the one and only Cliff.  In addition to the above, here's what I love most about a trip to my parents place:  1. Familiar smells 2. The quiet outside the window in the morning  3. And the sound of the trains at night.  4. Afternoon naps  5. Food with family 6. The Main street 7. Yards with space in them.




(I just had a bit of an epiphany that a lot about what I love in life has to do with food and sleep….)

Before we left on Monday we had a chance to show mike's parents a bit of the town; namely the church were going to be married in... In less then four short months!! Right now I'm feeling mostly excited… I wish it was next weekend.

Sometimes when I get home from a trip, (especially when it's from the place I grew up in) I feel sad or homesick for the place I've left behind. But I've been realizing more and more lately how we're starting to make a life for ourselves here in the city and that feels good too.