Summer of 29


(summer of 27 ^^ when I grew my first garden)

Aka, that Freak out You Have When you Leave Your 20’s.

Lately when I look at my calendar and think about all the emails back and forth and decisions I need to make (mostly wedding related), I can quite easily dictate to you my exact life from now until August 16. I’m excited and having so much fun planning.

But, the downside of a full schedule of course is that time goes by quickly. Before we know it, the summer will be almost over. And I haven’t talked about this publicly yet but a little known fact is that at the end of the summer, coincides with my 30th Birthday. Dum dum dum.

As of right now, I haven’t really had a chance to think about it. And then the other day it dawned on me... “oh yea, only a few more months in my 20’s!”

This was quickly followed by an elevated heart rate and a flood of un-realized dreams: “But I still haven’t back-packed across Asia,” or “Learned Spanish” or “Written a Novel.”

But of course, now there’s no time for those things. Not before I’m 30 anyway.

Mostly because it’s May, and because my free time as I mentioned is otherwise spoken for.

And also, I’ve never really had a huge itch to go to Asia. I was just making that up. (On the other hand I would really like to write a book so I’ll have to save that for the next decade ;)

What I’m getting at is, bucket lists are BS, until you realize you’re leaving a decade behind and maybe you have some unfinished business. And then they make all the sense in the world... And you have this crazy itch to make one.

I really wish I had had the foresight and started one when I was 25.

Though to be fair, it’s not like I haven’t been setting goals and making things happen. I’m being hard on myself. Because of course I believe we all have “bucket lists” (can we please think up another name for them?) they’re just less formalized in blog format (since I have to remind myself, not everyone in the world has a blog) and they exist in the back of your mind.

But anyway, I looked at my next few months and I created a “Summer of 29 List” - based on things I have to get under my belt before I leave my 20's and based on things I was already planning anyway.

My Summer of 29

1. Plant a Sunflower Garden - because it's one of my favourite things to do

2. Get both bikes fixed and then go for a bike ride with Mike - because we need an outdoor activity

3. And then, Bike to Work - because I think I'd appreciate the bragging rights... if only for the one time.

4. Love my Body - because in my mind when you're adult you have to come to terms and love what God gave you.

5. Use my pressure canner - because I've had it for 3 years and not opened the box

6. Run a Spartan Race - because it might be fun to take on a few obstacles

7. Get my teeth whitened - because pearly whites, you know?

8. Swim in the Lake - because it completes a summer

9. Plan a Wedding - enough said

10. Go on a Honeymoon - ditto that ;)

11. Walk in the Desert - because I wanna feel that dusty feeling and then have the worlds most refreshing shower.

12. Drink Wine in a Vineyard - because carpe diem.

13. Do a month of Cross Fit - because I like a challenge, and I'm not leaving my 20's without a fight

14. Run my own marathon one week –  because I'm on a mission to re-kindle my love for running (and I first fell in love with running, when I was using it as an escape. Since the summer is going to be busy, running is going to be amazing alone time.)

15. Install a landline - because sometimes I'm tired of my cell phone

16.  Print off our photos - because in my gut sometimes I feel like you can't trust a hard drive

17. Install a Screen Door - because fresh air trumps air conditioning - until we hit 40 degrees anyway...

18. Have a Girl's only weekend - because I don't see the women in my life nearly often enough

19. Wear a Miniskirt - because you know, that’s what you do in your Early 20’s

20. Host a BBQ - because it's nice to celebrate the season with family.

21. Clean out the storage room - because an annual purge is necessary

22. Eat ice cream along the canal - because the summer can quickly slip by without appreciating how amazing our city is

23.  See the Book of Mormon - because it's coming to Ottawa!!

24. Teach Cliff to "jog" with me - because now he thinks sprinting is running

25. Go to the library - because it's my happy place

26. Paint our bedroom  - because I can't stand the current colour

27. Hold my best friend's first baby - because, life.

28. Figure out how to say thank-you to everyone in my life who is helping make the wedding happen


29.  Get married!!!

(you’ll note there are 29 items. One for each year and each is WAY better than a birthday spanking).