Take this Coin

20131109-110141.jpgI don't know how many of you out there are watching Game of Thrones? Mike roped me into it (and by "roped" I mean I complain about the violence and gratuitous sex and then the next day it's me who asks if we can watch the next episode...)

Anyway, some context from a particular moment in the series so you'll get what I'm talking about:

There's this scene in season 2 where the little girl, Aria, is plotting with an assassin. They come to a point where they're parting ways and before the assassin turns to leave, he hands the girl a coin and says something along the lines of "If you need to get ahold of me, give this coin to a man and ask for Bravos - I'll show up."

So in short it's been one of Mike's favourite scenes in the series. I know this because he keeps spontaneously quoting it. Ad noseum. On broken record repeat.

And then a few days ago as I'm leaving the car to head into work, he hands me a nickel and says, "If you need to get a hold of me, give this coin to a man..."

I rolled my eyes, took the count and put it in my coat pocket thinking nothing of it. (It was probably the 20th time I'd heard it that morning). It was only a nickle after all.

Then a few days later while walking home from work it was a bit colder outside.

Before I left the building, I put my wooly headband on and I pulled my scarf up more tightly around my neck. But my hands were cold - I didn't have gloves. As I crossed the bridge near my work, the wind picked up a bit. All of a sudden it feels like winter in this town when only yesterday it was fall. I shrugged my shoulders and stuck my hands in my shallow pockets.

Both hands touched something cold. Identical soft, cool shapes in both pockets. I pulled them out and in either hand, a nickel. The original one still there from the other morning. I have no idea where the other coin came from. But two nickels in my hands felt really precious all of a sudden.

Sometimes I roll my eyes and then sometimes I realize that's why we're together; because those are the things that stand out in my mind when we're apart.