Tell me about a time...

Hi there & Happy Monday! This month I've been getting to know a new-to-me little corner of the Internet over on Betsy Transatlantically and today all the sponsors are linking together to talk about beauty. If you've got a spare minute or two and want to join in on the conversation, feel free to link up!

Tell me about a time.... When you felt most beautiful


Only recently have I understood the value of an expensive pair of shoes.

Some high end make-up.

A hair straightener.

I've never been a super girly, girl. It took me awhile to come around to "trendy fashion" - when I was 12 I went through a period when I thought it was cool to wear men's dress shirts. Even today I still usually opt for what's on the mannequin because I'm not overly creative when it comes to putting together an outfit. So I think it's safe to say that for me I've never placed a lot of emphasis on fashion and feeling beautiful.

I've also been fortunate and never felt horribly insecure about my body or my looks. (I thank my mother for having never let her daughters think for one second differently - there was never any hints about what we should eat or wear and I really do think this does volumes for self esteem and body image when you are growing up.) So I can honestly say that "beauty" hasn't ever been really something I've questioned or spent a lot of time on; I'm just saying for instance that I never brushed my hair 100x before I went to bed (a la Marsha Brady).

Without having this post go-off in a tangent on "selfies", I must say I think vanity is rampent today. I don't think there's anything wrong with the stray "self-portrait" here or there, but on average, how many pictures do you think a teenager has of themselves in 2013? When I was in high school, digital cameras were not prolific - neither were cell phones. I have about two photo albums and my year books which contain all the images I have of myself from age 13-18. I want to wager that today, most kids have a hard-drive full of pictures of themselves; scrutinizing their every facial detail is not beyond their grasp, nor is it beyond my own now that I too have a phone, digital camera etc.

Recently I started to notice that I'm beginning to look older (hey. I went to high school when cell phones and digital cameras didn't exist... that must make me ancient, non?!) I actually went out and bought anti-aging cream. I'm not sure if it did anything but inside it made me feel a bit better. I was starting to worry about my looks, and how they're changing.

Isn't that funny? I make it through the toughest years of high school and university, largely unscathed by self-criticism, and I wait until my late 20's to seriously start questioning how I look, or if age will change how beautiful I am.

I know beauty isn't skin deep. I know that. Most of my life I've felt just like.... myself, for better or worse; composed or unkempt, beautiful or bloated. But you know what? I have a new appreciation for making myself feel beautiful. It's like I've discovered this secret power; You can never underestimate the value of a really good hair cut, or some new make-up. And when I'm feeling less then beautiful, you know I get it now? Putting on a pair of fancy heels can really make you feel like a woman.

You know in movies when the girl comes down the stairs for prom or a first date and the guy just acts floored? I always think of it as one of those "Hollywood moments" that never really happen in real life, but then when I least expected it to ever happen, it did.

This summer when my best friend got married I was so nervous getting down the aisle without tripping and not crying my eyes out that it took me a minute to find Mike in the audience when I got to the front of the ceremony. When I did finally meet eyes with him he just mouthed a big "WOW" like: "You look beautiful" and I have to say, that's probably the moment to date when I felt most beautiful, both inside and out.

Sometimes it all just comes together and you feel beautiful on the inside - and the outside. And usually I think that happens when the right person is looking at you.