That Thanksgiving When We Were Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!! We arrived home today from a weekend with family so thankful and also just full. Stuffed like a turkey. And coincidentally stuffed with turkey. So whichever way you wanna picture it.... If you follow me on Instagram you'll have noticed that I posted about a million pictures this weekend - I just couldn't stop myself. So many good moments.

When you grow up, your family becomes "it," doesn't it? I mean, I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so many good friends - but I feel equally lucky to have family which you can just hang out with - there's no real politics, no grand expectations, no worrying about imposing or outstaying your welcome, or bringing a dog that's a brat and sheds hair everywhere, and accepting of (most) of your faults and supportive of your decisions. It's just a fresh of breath air to be yourself - whatever the situation you may be in. I think it's something when we're young, we don't realize how much we'll appreciate; That when you grow up and find your footing in this world, (if you're blessed with an accepting family) all along, your family has only ever really expected you to be yourself.

Cliff was in full on destructive/annoying mode this weekend; he pulled my mom over and nearly gave me a heart-attack in the process; he ran away from us at the conservation area, and chewed various items in my parents kitchen (he's actually destroyed two of my dad's wallets - he chewed one to pieces (left all the plastic cards intact thankfully) and then he chewed the replacement wallet. Lesson learned dad, you can't keep your wallet where you want to in your own house when we come to visit :D)

This weekend doubled as a birthday celebration for both my dad and my sister. My Dad, who had a heart-attack and double-bypass surgery in June, made it further then we did around the loop and up a hill at the conservation area. So we had some big things to be thankful for this year.

Also nieces.

(and nephews)

Also wonderful partners.

Also wonderful in-laws.

And food.

And health.

And a roof.

It's a good life.

driving-with-a-dog fall-in-town

a-picture-of-us picture-of-leaves used-books-for-sale IMG_4273 dad-and-great-dane DSC_1119

 when two wonderful things in life collide, you get pumpkin pie cake ^^^

IMG_4302 climbed-a-big-hill

Photo cred to my sistah ^^^


(also Cliff would like to say that he is thankful for ear scratches) ^^