The Last Time I Was in Orlando, I Broke A World Record

Orlando-makes-me-smileI guess I'll start at the beginning, since there's no other way to really dive into this one.

My cousin Keelan is one of the loveliest people you'll meet. I'm not the only one who thinks so because a few years ago, she won a smile contest. True story. She won two tickets for a week-long trip to Orlando Florida because she submitted a picture of her standing on a beach smiling, in a travel contest with a local TV station.

The catch? She and whoever she brought with her, would have to join the rest of the winners in an Guinness World Record Attempt at the most people smiling at one time.

Enter, me.

The lucky plus one who got to be the travel partner. You already know how much it meant to me to go to Disney with my cousin, so in a nutshell, you can imagine that for me, it was the most gracious gift and the trip of a lifetime.


The Guinness attempt took place on the roof of the Amway centre in Downtown Orlando. It was already scortching hot by 6 am and because we were young and wild and free, we'd been up the night before until about 3 am.. galavanting and such.


We were provided with these black ponchos and corralled into a group. I'll admit that the hangover, the black poncho and the heat, nearly caused me to miss the most important part of the exercise (smiling) but luckily, when you're in Florida with your cousin, it's really hard not to smile no matter the circumstance.

So after the smiling on the roof in the heat, we got to partake in this amazing brunch, and walk the "red carpet" with TV personalities Melissa Rycroft (from the Bachelor and Joey Fatone (NSYNC)). Melissa was pregnant and had a cute little bump at the time and as I recall, Joey was in a pissy mood and didn't really want to be posing for pictures. But his smile turned out just fine.


And that's how history is made people. I'm in the books as a record-breaking-smiler!!