The New Digs

IMG_1081 So I could have held off for like another month or two, but I'm pretty sure if I spent any more time tinkering around with this thing I would have driven myself crazy.

So without further ado.... I'm officially a .com person! Welcome to the new (but not necessarily improved!) Sparrow in the Tree Top. Feels kinda good to be all official like.

If you find any blips or errors please let me know. There was a lot of issue migrating pictures over so I'm thinking there's probably a plethoa of formatting issues in the archives. There's still a bunch of stuff that I'll probably change as time goes along but I figured this was as good of a starting point as any.

It was funny, as I was going back over some of the older posts, I couldn't help but think this blog was way better in the beginning! Seriously... I seemed to care less about structure but there was more of an honest voice to what I had to say. I blame 8 months in journalism school for stripping my writing of any sort of personality :) That being said, I think I'm a lot more clear then I used to be... I have a tendency to "write like I speak" as someone once told me. Unfortunately this doesn't always translate to print media... at the same time though, it's what makes me unique. So I'm working on bringing that back - that je ne sais quoi that made me love to share in the first place.