The Perpetual Columnist

20130912-083404.jpg Today I woke up and realized it was Thursday which means I have almost made it through my first week back at school. I had one of those wake ups where I didn't remember what day it was - for two horrible seconds I thought maybe it was Saturday and then reality kicked in. It's the best when you wake up on Saturday thinking it's still the work week. It is equally the worst waking up on Thursday thinking it's Saturday.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what sort of journalism I want to do when I graduate. I had a long rant-ish post in the hopper articulating how it feels to be back in school and how I feel a little bit like a fish out of water since I'm surrounded by people who want to do serious Journalism (with a capital J) and over the past year it's made me feel inadequate. Not that I don't want to do serious writing but I have no desire to work for a newspaper as a reporter, or be a foreign correspondent so it's making it hard for me to understand how I should go about getting experience and credibility.

If you've ever been in a situation where you feel like you don't completely fit in, and have struggled to cut your own path, then maybe you can empathize with me. I’ve kind of related the feeling I’m going through to John Grogan– you know the dad/writer in Marley and Me? Remember when he felt inferior next to his friend who was covering all of the exciting headline stories? And his editor told him he was more of a “columnist”? That’s kind of the look on my face every time someone asks me, “So if you don’t want to work at a newspaper or media organization, then what do you plan to do?”

At some point over the past five days, I feel like things took a turn. It's the start of a new school year, and I can do/write about whatever the heck I want! In reality its probably been a much more gradual realization since I left school last spring. Regardless, somewhere along the way it just came to me; it's not always (in fact rarely is it ever) in your best interest to follow the crowd. Lesson learned, I should have repeated grade three.

So, rant post safely averted. Also comparison is the thief of joy - such a true, true quote.


(psst: this post inspired by #Blogtember "When things took a turn.")