The Shortest Month

february.jpgfebruary.jpg This morning when I was putting my coat on, I unearthed my blue windbreaker in the closet. Sitting there silently. Smushed up against the wall because it's been hanging there patiently since October when I last was able to wear it.

Spring's pretty far away still isn't it?

But first things first. I'm really into reading about people's monthly goals right now. They get me all inspired and fired up and motivated to make some monthly benchmarks of my own. I like the idea that it's a concrete (and short) amount of time to work on a few things. It also seems like a good way to forge onwards and upwards through February; historically my least favourite month of the year (or is it March? I can never decide/remember).

I'm not sure if the intent here is to motivate or to hold myself accountable.

February Goals

1) EXERCISE: And in the column of exercise you'll find my commitment to step a foot back in the gym that I have a membership with. Last week I got the phone call - the dreaded phone call that no one ever wants to receive: "It's your gym calling. When are you coming back?" So I'm gonna start with baby steps. It would be nice to go back and get kickboxing again. I'm thinking if I can do that, and then hold myself to at least two visits per week (because really anything less doesn't do justice to my membership fees…) then I can hold my chin up a little bit higher come the end of the month. (Also the doctor told me the other day that we're supposed to be doing an HOUR of exercise a day. I have to admit I judged him in that moment because he's certainly didn't look like he put that advice to practice himself.)

2) RUN: Following closely in the exercise department: running. I mean, I didn't just "fall" off this wagon. You could say I'm still laying in the dust of the wagon tracks wherever that I was bucked off. And this is less for exercise, more for sanity. I always rediscover a piece of myself when I start running again. Let's just leave this goal at "start." I'm not going to keep any sort of tally this month. Start running again.

3) GRATITUDE: I need to be more thankful. It's a pretty simple goal but there needs to be a daily commitment to acknowledging all the things in my life that I'm blessed with. February is the month of love after all. So love my blessings I will. My goal is to write it all down in the cute little journal that I've got sitting on the corner of my desk.

4) SIMPLIFY: I'm applying this to all areas. Call it Spring cleaning and purging come early. Front and centre is my goal of getting my digital files in order (including organizing and printing out all my photographs from the past few years. I think the last time I did this was after our trip to Nevada which was in... gulp, 2011?!) The other tactile goal I want to apply this to is my blog - I'm making an effort to simplify my writing (I'm the WORDIEST blogger ever.. what me? Never.) and also the design. Because I was feeling a bit all like a stationary shop up in here. So I'm just hitting the blank template and hoping to let the content do the hard work. (and yes there's been a few different iterations throughout the year - I appreciate your patience while I work out my multiple blog personality disorder.)

So that's February. And by the time I look up again I'm hoping to see maybe a patch or two of grass poking through the melting snow.