The Suburbs

Tell people you are moving from down-town to the suburbs and see what kind of reaction they give you. To contextualize.

Essentially I’m moving from here:

To Here:

To the outsider this is translated as: Downtown to the Suburbs. 

It's really fun to watch the facial contortions. After telling people of the move I received some fake-sour looks (the kind where people look like they had just tasted something bad when they merely thought the word "Suburb"). What's even more fun is to explain your new 45 minute commute and you will get a near-to-vomiting reaction. This coupled with the I-feel-sorry-for-you-looks, has led me to a new deeper understanding: the 'burbs? They's is stig-ma-tized. (Not sure why I just did that in a hick accent). 

So far from my brief inspection into people's attitudes from both downtown and in the burbs, I have observed the following stigma of both places:

  • downtown people=self-perceived trendiness
  • suburbs people=kinda weird and sometimes aloof

Caveat: this is not tested yet. I'm going to carry out a thorough investigation and I'll get back to you. Lucky for me I'll have been able to play both downtown and suburb roles in one year. So I guess this makes me a bit of a weird-aloof-hipster? And also excellently poised to make judgements on both.

Either way, the stigma got me singing. On the day we got the keys the first thing I did was to unload the Ipod dock (remnants of my downtown hipster days) and put on "The Suburbs."

Arcade Fire needs no intro. They are excellent. And this song is one of the first memories of my new home. Thank-you to all who truly made me feel that leaving downtown would be the end of my life. I don't want you to worry though because I've been back and forth a few times this week and it appears on first glance there are ample opportunities to buy fruit from a market stand, do yoga, eat vegan fair trade food and ride my bike with a basket on the front :)


I am sure this will be the first of many posts to come with something of a suburban feel. I have my great friend at Red Pants and Mustache to thank for reminding me of one of the first memories I had inside the new place :)