These are the good things

hello from the great wet, cold and dreary north! IMG_1943


this has been one of those weeks where I feel like the outcome has been generated by the weather: our mood, activities and progress all seemed to hinge around the fact that it's been rotten outside. like seriously rotten: chilly and grey, it's kinda like we stepped into a time warp back to april 1.

but we managed. it wasn't all that bad.

exhibit a) ever since i've tried cutting out wheat the hardest thing for me to let go of has been pizza. as soon as i saw this recipe a few months ago, i knew it had to be the answer to my prayers. finally this week i got around to trying it out. the crust is made out of cauliflower (!) and it really didn't disappoint; it was super tasty and filling, but i think i should have cooked the "crust" on it's own for a bit longer... it was a tad on the "mushy" side and consequently you had to eat it with a knife and fork, but nothing that can't be tweaked the next time.




mike also made me a braciole (BRA-Jole .... it's italian.. I had no idea what it was until he started trying the recipe out) and just in case there was any question, mike's the cook in this relationship. i do a lot of dabbling, but when he does the cooking, it just all really comes together. it was heavenly. i'm not kidding people, this boy has got talent. i kinda feel greedy keeping it all to myself.



(he uses brown rice pasta and the sauce is so delicious, you can't even taste the difference ^^^)

exhibit b) this guy just loves to swim  sit on the edge of the river bank and watch other dogs swim.


exhibit c) Goodbye shrubs:


Those who know and love me know that I hate shrubs. like seriously, ever since i spent my summer vacations gardening for a living, i can't stand the sight of them. they ooze 1964 and they're prickly and they don't bloom. they're filler and they know it. so i ripped them out of our garden. three in total. and let me tell you, did it ever feel gratifying.

then i replaced them with these:

DSC_0453 DSC_0454



see how it just breathes now?

exhibit d): my dad's getting home from the hospital today, just in time for father's day, and that, my friends makes a grey day sunny.

Have a wonderful weekend!