This Blog is Going Green

this blog is going green

It dawned on my the other day that I'm probably not doing enough for the environment. And then I felt like  a bit of a hypocrite when I saw an article about the melting ice caps and the polar bears but I found myself refusing to read it. So I did what I usually do (blogged about it)  and when I did, Sarah from For the Love of Chow, totally inspired me with her comment on the post. She reminded me how "being green" is as much about changing habits as anything else.

I can completely agree. Habits for better or worse, can get the job done.

And I realized I needed someone to light a carbon-neutral fire under my butt so I'd stop talking and just starting "doing" already.

And then the little Green Blog Series was born.

Sarah and I decided to put our heads together and write about stuff that matters to us (because really it does matter to me - I just need to put some of that passion into action!), and stuff that's hypothetically an easy thing to incorporate into our lives. This my friends, is really the perfect pairing because I'm a green-baby and Sarah is a green leader; seriously, this girl talks the talk and walks the walk and I love her green-energy. I'm convinced she's going to show me that it's easy being green, and I hope that I can show you that anyone can change their ways!

Every other week we're going to tackle a new topic in our own way, but the goal is to make it a habit. If we can get one other blogger out there thinking about how they fit into the green picture, I will be happy. But honestly, wouldn't this be amazing if people actually changed? If they started to think daily about things like consumption, and how far their own foot print actually travels?

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