This Isn't Fiction

20140602-092306-33786283.jpgThis weekend was probably the most gorgeous weekend on record. Since the dawn of time. I think I spent a total of two hours inside, both of which we're passed in Target on Friday evening. Mike was away so I had the time to just browse and shop (because isn't it the case that if you go out shopping together, you have to have a "purpose" to the trip?). But I loved the luxury of taking my time just looking, and it struck me as I was walking around the aisles; I love this part about getting older. No crazy pressure to be putting on heels and navigating a night scene downtown; unabashedly admitting to the fact that I don't mind a Friday night by myself, at Target. But then again, I should have seen this coming; I always was a “small-group-of-people-at-a-pub/girls-dinner-at-someone’s-house kind of girl.” I think I can count on 1.5 hands how many times I actually went out “dancing” in University (I’m not exaggerating). The whole scene intimidated me.

This is a really subjective observation, but I think to me, aging gracefully means if I've got no regrets come Sunday night, and all I really did was putter around the house, work on gardens go for a run. I mean, I vacuumed the Cliff-hair dust bunnies out of the corners of our bed room and it was SO satisfying. (Am I the only one who feels this way?!)

I suppose it doesn't make for the most interesting blog, but this is life, right? Aside from the weather, the highlight of my weekend was having Mike walk in the door, and Cliff just lost himself with excitement. These are the moments that are worth writing about for me.

Mike and I have had a lot of conversations about what details are and are not for internet consumption. Both of us know having a blog is an outlet for me to be a bit creative, outside of the 9-5. I love taking pictures, I love capturing the ups and downs of life. One time I had a professor tell me that the best thing you can be, is the person around the table who says the unsaid; the thing everyone is thinking but maybe no one is saying, so when I’m writing this blog I like to keep that in mind.

But the things unsaid sometime are also mundane. For so much of the past few years of our life there have been so many changes; moving, different jobs, school. But right now, at 29, I’m shopping at Target. And happy about it.

If you’re an avid blogger, do you ever feel the pressure to live for blogging, as opposed to blog about living? How do you strike a balance between the two?