Those Summer Nights

IMG_2717 .... And then you have one of those a-ha nights and you think to yourself... "SUMMER has ARRIVED!"

last night was one of those nights:

a summer concert. grass on feet. outdoor music. warm arms even though the sun has gone down; for me, these are all signs that summer has arrived.

up until this point I feel like we've been stuck in a limbo of spring - cold june, lots of rain. sweaters when the sun goes down.

but last night i held a burger that looked like this:


in an outdoor music festival that looks like this:


and i felt it in my bones -> oooo ooo ah, oh those summer nights.

Ottawa holds a huge music festival every year called bluesfest, though it's evolved over the years and now is arguably less bluesy more just general music-y (last night was Weezer Sunday night we're seeing Skrillix). at any rate, it has to be one of my favourite weeks of summer. (you can read about last year's bluesfest here.)

IMG_2703 IMG_2692 IMG_2690

i want one of these to take camping with me. i'd sleep in it instead of a trailer ^^^

IMG_2699 IMG_2695 IMG_2702IMG_2705 IMG_2712

tomorrow night we're headed back for two great Canadian headliners - the perfect way, in my opinion, to kick off a summer weekend!

what do you have planned for the weekend? are you feeling the summer where ever it is you are?