Too Hot Too Handle


(Summertime lovin' circa 1985; sister, sister, me!^^)

Let me just first say that I'm loving this heat we have going on in Ottawa right now. This morning I walked out of the house in a sleeveless dress - it was the first time this summer and the sticky morning air felt not disgusting but amazing. And I slept with the fan pointed directly on me and my eyes are a bit puffy this morning but it's worth it. As soon as it gets warm out, I get all nostalgicy inside because summertime does that to me. (But who am I kidding really I'm just nostalgic most times - like for example in the Fall, also at Christmas and whenever I make any sort of snow creation in the winter.)

Mike and I bailed on the Spartan race this past weekend. By Friday night at 10 pm we just looked at each other and were like "Can we just have a Saturday where we do not have a committment?" And the magic thing was, we could. When we signed up for the race in April, I don't think we anticipated how full of a summer we were about to have. I mean, I say summer but really it's only the last day of June; if that gives you any indication to the amount of things we jammed into our schedule since probably Easter. Just to clarify, I'm not complaining, I'm actually enjoying the heck out of all the different things that have been going on. BUT that doesn't mean that at times, it's just been easy to take on more then is humanly possible for two people's schedules. And so, because we signed ourselves up, we just as easily were able to take our names off the sign-up list. That's the beauty of a fun-run. If it's not fun, there's no point. And I say this with confidence now, which is something because only a short while ago I'd be all self-tormenty when skipping out on a race. Remember this post from that time I skipped out on a half-marathon? It ate away at me a bit.

Tomorrow is Canada Day! If you're anywhere but Canada please take a minute to stop and thank the country that brings you red and white all year 'round (NOT just on Valentine's Day), pure Maple Syrup and 1/3 of the world's supply of fresh-water. Canada, what!