Two Turkeys

OK please pause for a second to read this post. I need to share with you the fate that is phone-picture taking. I'm sitting here, minding my own business, working away, trying to make a consolidated plan for you know, my life now that I'm a Jschool dropout and I get a call from Mike.

"Check my Instagram," he says.

But he's laughing as he says it.

So I open it up and see the following:

Seriously. Two turkeys.

We put that silly little turkey on our our dash last weekend when we were driving to my parent's place for Thanksgiving:

And you know, at the time we were all like

"I don't KNOW if I can eat turkey this weekend. This guy's been starring at us for Three hours straight and he just looks so G-D happy!"

And then what do you know, Mike's sitting in his car, waiting to go into work this AM and then a real life turkey looks through the dash at both of them.

I don't know what this means. It's gotta mean something. I mean maybe we're done eating turkey you guys. I just don't know yet. It's too soon to tell for certain.

Hey-Zeus I love Fridays.

eatmorekale (not a turkey but clearly advocates of rights for turkeys ^^^)