We go to free movies

20130801-163847.jpg This year was a dry movie year for us. Busy, and cash strapped, we opted for a lot of evenings in.

But in the past two months, by some stroke of luck this happened to us: We go to free movies.

Wonderful friends with friends who know people have been just giving us tickets to advance screenings. (QUICK START THE CAR!!!)

First it was The Way Way Back (amazing), then next it was The Conjuring (peed a little from fright) then 2 Guns (love me some Mark Wahlberg) and tonight?

We’re The Millers.


Such a wonderful, wonderful treat!!

I’m excited because it’s the first movie out of that list that I’ve actually seen previewed and I thought, that’s something I’d like to see. I’ve always been team Jennifer since waaaayyy back when Angelina was a home wrecker.

(**post script note: just got back from this movie... go see it!! Haven't laughed that hard in a long time at a movie. SO GOOD.**)

I just think nothing beats a plain old fashioned date to see a movie.

I mean how many first dates and historic relationships in the world start with a trip to the movies?

Mike and I met at school. But our first actual date was a trip to the movies. We saw Star Trek one early summer night and the rest was history.

Another favourite “movie date memory” I have of Mike happened not long after that first one. Suffering from an episode of All you Can Eat sushi, the boy leans himself up against the wall of the movie theatre (on the way in mind you) moaning because he over did it on raw fish and rice. This is the foundation on which we stand today folks; Movies, and gratuitous buffets.

It’s hard to resist tickets to the movies right? Even though you know there are tons of things you should be getting done at home?

You might have heard me mention the piled up laundry yesterday… I assure you that whole situation hasn’t changed in 24 hours. There’s also the issue of the cleaning of the bathrooms and the weeding of the garden…. But you know what? I feel like you’re only young once. And dirty clothes and chores are made up things anyway.

So tonight. Pardon the cliché, but We are Young. And I’m gonna go to the movies.

And probably get popcorn too. GASP.