We Live in Suburbia

suburbiaLast night Mike and I and some friends had "I'm feel like I"m 14 again" sort of night. We went out for Pho at a restaurant in the local strip mall, followed by a quick trip to Wal-Mart for big bags of candy which we successfully snuck into the 10:10 late show of Non Stop at the Cineplex Odeon. Of course we couldn't go to Wal-Mart without claiming our free coffee at McDonald's (Free coffee week at McDonald's is one of those things that makes me SO happy) and that's how we ended up also sharing a Large Fries. So toute a fait, a night pre-highschool era, except we drove ourselves since our parents were being parents and you know, had their own plans.

But it's March! And it came in like a lion; more crazy snow which covered our drive-way. Since I'm on strike and not shovelling anymore, I was SO excited when I pulled in this afternoon and saw that it was completely groomed and clean of snow. When you share a driveway with your neighbour there's always that awkward, "I'm-gonna-shovel-it-first" competition except in our case, neither Mike and I really enjoy playing that game but luckily our neighbour does? :o This either makes us bad neighbours or just slow out of the blocks. #SuburbiaProblems.