It's been a weird week so far. Dull. Cold. Blah. Nothing new has happened. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing bad.. just nothing that really gets me excited.

It feels like the only thing that's on my brain lately is, "Can it really still be winter?"

I looked outside this morning, as the snow was softly falling down and thought to myself:

"This is what Mr. Tumnus felt like in the land of Narnia. If I could bargain for summer to come back,  I'd probably enchant some children and hand them over to the witch queen like he did too."


Ok so this isn't Narnia, but seriously... when will I see grass again? I'm getting antsy.

I blame the weather on the fact that I'm completely disorganized this week... and also completely in a creative stump. I think when you look at the colour white long enough you loose all sense of inspiration.

In Ottawa the sidewalks are still coated in salt that stains and wrecks your boots and you can't get off the bus properly because of the snow banks.

The view from the window at school:


Can we all just agree that this in theory is really beautiful but in practice after about three months you are done?

So for those reasons it's been a weird week. Plus the dog had an eye infection. Plus I haven't been running in about a week and a half and it makes me grumpy. Plus I feel like half the assignments we're doing in school at the moment are "busy work." It's got me all out of sorts today I tell ya.

Anyway there's a million things I should be doing at this moment but suddenly I felt like (despite my complete lack of things to say) I needed to write something... just to get the ball rolling. Perhaps tomorrow I'll figure out what I really meant to say and then write it then instead.