Words Only

7 AM Today I got up around 6:50.

Cliff started his usual whining thing and forced me to open my eyes and go and find a clock. I hate sleeping in a bedroom without a clock (we've been sleeping in our guest bedroom since we sold our bed frame last weekend) and as soon as I realized it was morning, curiosity got the better of me and I went in search of the time (sleeping in has to be one of my biggest [irrational] fears.) Of course by that point I was up and there was no turning back, so I forced myself into my running gear, let the dog out for a quick pee, and then went for a run.

When I got back, Mike and Cliff we're out for their own jaunt on the trail and I managed to get dressed and ready for the day in peace (ie. there wasn't a dog strewing my clean clothes throughout the upstairs of our house/eating kleenex/eating cat food ... that sort of thing.)

Today was one of the good days where I didn't have to take the bus to work, and Mike and I made it out of the house by about 8:30. The traffic is so light at this time of the year!! I can't believe how much of difference there is from commuting in August to commuting in September.

We made one little pit stop at Kettleman's bagels for the breakfast special and coffee. Totally hit the spot.

By nine am I was at my desk, checking email and fiddling with some feedback I'd been given on something I've been working on for the past few weeks.

I got an email from Disney World notifying me that there was a special on resort fees in December. I'm the type of person this sort of email advertising works on (in case you were wondering if these types of people exist, now you know they do) so I exchanged a few emails back and forth trying to convince Mike that December would be a really good time of year to head to Florida. We'll see....

12 PM

By lunch I was so cold from the air conditioning that I just had to get outside (Why do they keep the a/c on so high when it's not even hot outside?!). The sun felt so nice on my cold arms. I walked into the Byward Market without really knowing where I was going or why. Then I ended up at the Rideau Centre, spending some money at Forever 21 (I got the cutest necklace!!) See kids... that's what happens when you don't think before you shop!

The afternoon was much of the same - except when I took a break and registered for my fall courses (finally!!) I'm going to have a wickedly busy schedule Monday through Wednesday with hardly a moment to breathe. Regardless, It felt so good to get a solidified plan in place for the fall... and not like I left it until the last minute or anything (shocking- that doesn't sound like me at all...) considering school starts in about 3 weeks. Seriously. Where has the summer gone?

5 PM

I got caught up over the phone with a friend I hadn't talked to in awhile on the commute home. Can I just say how much nicer it actually is to talk to someone as opposed to texting? It's just so nice to hear someone's voice when you're communicating. I forgot how much I appreciate that.

Mike made a gluten free, vegetarian "pasta" dish for dinner. It was pretty good and because he made a rich tomato sauce to go over it, you totally weren't missing the pasta. I was impressed - definitely something to experiment with a bit more. Oh and also I should mention before dinner we had the most delicious cheese (Applewood Smoked Cheddar... it's basically what I want to be buried with when I die. I just love it that much) and also a refreshing beer (Him, Big Wheel, Me, Miller's Iced Tea).

In between eating we talked about Daniel Alfredson's press conference and alternated throwing Cliff his ball (from the kitchen into the back yard - epitome of laziness).

9 PM

After dinner we went out for ice cream. I almost said I didn't want to get any - but then I realized that was probably the first time in my life I'd thought to turn down the offer for an ice cream trip and I quickly retracted my statement. Mike made a good point - there's only so many days left in the summer to go out for ice cream.

When we got back home I intervened in various altercations between Cliff and Lo Mein before I got fed up and sent one of them out of the room (you can probably guess which one)

It's just after 10:00 PM now.

It is most definitely time for bed.

All in all here is what I'm thinking after a day like today:

  • I like photography and would like to become a better photographer
  • Mike is becoming a really good cook - I need to have people over for dinner more so they can see what I'm talking about.
  • Lo mein and Cliff might hate each other forever which is totally upsetting - I really wanted them to be cuddlers at some point :(
  • I think if I had to state my "style" for the record it would be preppy mixed with pearls and stripes.
  • I really like running in the morning - I've managed to find an extra hour in my day that I never used to have.
  • I'm going to call people more often - it's just nice to hear your friend's voice.
  • I'm going to have to take a deep breath and just push through the business that is this fall - and if I make it through, we should definitely celebrate with a trip to Disney. (Mike are you reading this?!)