Write a Bio

A bio is you in a nutshell. That’s me:

That’s a nutshell:

This week I was asked to write a bio for myself using the 3rd person. It’s a professional, short, concise narrative of who you are, what you have done and what you are like as a person.

They say, depending on the length required, you should start with a statement about yourself (Emily is known for her taste in fine cheeses and cats), follow that with a list of credentials, expertise or achievements (She has years of experience as a red-head), and finish with a glimpse into your non-professional life (She hates shrubs and isn’t afraid to admit it).

It should be free of: “I’m the best-est/I’m the brightest/I have the MOST…” or in other words, superlatives... *huuuhh* (sorry on a regular day they make me shudder... let alone when used in an autobiographical context).

Sound easy?


I couldn’t even get past the first sentence:

“Emily is…..”

“Emily is employed.”

“Emily went to school.”

“Emily has a degree in”

Emily hates writing bios.

Everything I wrote sounded cheesy… or fluffy, or stuffy (rhyme intended). And then, because I couldn’t finish the statement “Emily is ___” I started to doubt if I actually knew who I was, and in arriving at this scary thought I was reminded that I didn’t know how I liked my eggs, what my favorite type of music was, whether or not I liked learning languages… all from a simple exercise in essentially resume summarizing.


So I ended up saying where I went to school, where I worked and used my tag line from this blog:  “When Emily is not living with vim, she enjoys running with vigor”.

Man, I overthink stuff way too much.